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Incense, in addition to being very useful in meditation, is perfect for purifying and cleaning bad vibrations in the environment, balancing the aura (and cleaning it), and for attracting positive vibrations.

You can take a look at our incenses , many of them, like the Palo Santo incense , they are perfect for energy cleansing.

But, above all, the most important thing is that you become aware and create a routine for these cleanings. Do not do a cleaning today and leave it until it is unbearable because then it will be more complicated, better carry out an enriching routine that will help you always be with renewed energy and balance.

The products of the Elite Candles factory are made from a careful selection of materials.

Handle the product according to the steps we leave in its care instructions.

Clean the product with a soft, dry cloth.

We select a special packaging designed for the care and preservation of candles.

Enter Candle Studio and look in our section for cleaning and caring for our chandeliers, how to pick up the remains without damaging the surfaces.

Elite Candles ensures compliance (both internally and throughout its supply chain) with internationally recognized social and environmental responsibility standards and ensures compliance with the company's commitment to ethical and sustainable management of all its operations. Compliance with these regulations begins with the choice and traceability of raw materials and is carried out in all production processes until reaching our customers. elite candles is willing to continue working to maintain this commitment. For more information, write to us and we will be attentive to kindly resolve your concerns.

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